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Reach Customers with 
Relevant Content Marketing! 

When visitors hit your website, they want to know some basic information before they decide if they want to hear more about you. That’s actually a good thing, because it can be costly to reach your customers and get their attention through most media that are external to your website. So you got them, but how do you keep them? Good content marketing Think about what they need to know and make sure it’s the essence of your content.

First pass they want to know:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why it’s relevant

It sounds pretty basic, but the first pass is pretty basic. Why not tell them what they want to know?  

Here are a few tips for your content​ generation.

Attention spans are short. The most important thing is to get to the point…quickly. A list of 8 things about each point of information, hoping that you hit on something that attracts their attention is not the best way to go. In fact, they more than likely won’t get past the ‘who you are part’. Think about what they want to know that would be helpful to them. Is it about your company, your product, their problem or a combination? Think about being helpful…

Remember three key words – too much information! We are bombarded with information. Every day and in every way. Remember the days when we searched and searched for what we needed – researching trade magazines, reading books and asking colleagues and experts. Today, one Google search gets you more information than you could possibly ever look at in your lifetime. A Google search on the word ‘marketing’ nets you over 500 million hits. We have successfully been conditioned to scan what we read. I think I know why. If we spent only 30 seconds on each of those hits and we work 5 days a week…well that’s 30 times 500M divided by…ok, I’m bored already, let’s move on.

Tell your story over and over. Take the three questions and think about a compelling way to address each in a clear and concise manner. There will be plenty of time to get into the details. Can you do it in a single statement? Write down three or four statements for each question. Read them over and over, test them on colleagues or even test them on your best customers. I am serious. They will be more than willing to be your guinea pig and what better test than with someone that already knows who you are, what you do and why you’re relevant? If it resonates, then you’ve got it.

Make your content dynamic. One great thing about the digital media world is that you can test different tag lines or compelling statements to see what works and what fails. The odds you get it right the first time? Not good. So create your story, refine it and test it over and over. In the content world, change is good.

An important goal of your website is to start a relationship. That means that you have to get their attention and tell them why you’re relevant. Website design is important, but relevance is the life blood of good content. Creating and managing good content is critical to your success. It is the difference of a potential customer finding and resonating with your story versus a competitor. Guess which one wins the business? Content Marketing may be beyond your skill sets or time resources, but that doesn’t negate the importance. Seek help if you need it. It is worth the investment.

Building relationships is at the foundation of building customers. The essence of any good relationship starts with being helpful. And what better way to begin the relationship than on your website…