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Email Marketing remains one of the most successful ways of reaching new and existing customers. Contrary to popular belief it has not been replaced by social media.  In fact, it is a great compliment to other Digital Marketing initiatives.  

Consider this:


Over 90% of consumers use e-mail every day


E-mail is the preferred method to receive commercial messages by U.S. consumers


According to a McKiney and Company study – e-mail is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined


These are only some of the facts that make email a powerful tool.  The reality is that email marketing is alive and well.


We help our clients understand the value of e-mail, how to attract an audience and how to leverage that audience to drive increased revenue.


Our clients integrate their website, video content, social media and e-mail marketing . Once your website is up and running we help you learn how to leverage the power of e-mail marketing to drive potential business to your website.


We have a passion for website design that helps you not only create contacts, but build relationships.


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