We thought we would start a section based on current online marketing news and what it takes to overcome obstacles in business and life.  All business and no play make for a dull day! 

What Happens When We're Ready?

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Thought of The Day June 29th 2016


So you've been working on that big idea and are ready to launch it to the world!  Excitement is in the air except you realize it's not perfect. So back to getting ready!  Ever feel like you are "getting ready to get ready"? See the easy part is to get ready the difficult part is to show the world. When we're getting ready we don't have to hear from all the people who will find fault with what we have created no matter how great it is. So it's easier to stay in the "I'm getting ready" mode. Remember not everyone will see and understand your idea no matter what you do. Your biggest challenge will be to hold on to the excitement and confidence you felt through the process and not retreat back to getting ready . Things will never be perfect so don't be afraid to unleash your idea realizing those who are negative towards it usually don't have any ideas of their own.  . 


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