We thought we would start a section based on current online marketing news and what it takes to overcome obstacles in business and life.  All business and no play make for a dull day! 

Why we do what we do and why we need to keep doing it?

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It's another workday and you're at your office or cubicle. You may be alone or you're surrounded by co-workers. Regardless of which one it is your thoughts are all your own. The thought may have crossed your mind "why do we work so hard every day"? Most of the time no one is saying great job and you may not even see a result that keeps you excited. Remember just as a running back in a football game who can't see how important his 30 yard run was in a game his team won. The same goes for business and life, every day try to get at least a first down and soon you'll be stepping into the end zone.  


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