Over 60% of companies have optimized their websites for mobile devices. It’s about mobile website design. More people access the web via mobile phone than by using the traditional PC in present day. That’s a powerful statistic.  Are you ready for the onslaught of mobile devices that will visit your site?


Just having a traditional website design isn’t good enough anymore.  The way people access your site is changing and you need to be prepared.  If your site doesn’t show well on a mobile device, then potential customers will bounce (leave with a cursory glance) or get frustrated and leave soon after arriving.  You won’t get your message across, they won’t know your story and you won’t get your customer.

If you think about how visitors view websites, it makes a lot of sense.  Visitors today hunt and scan. They hunt for a site, scan it to see if it is relevant and quickly decide whether to move on or not.  If you can’t capture their attention in seconds, they’re gone.  They don’t like micro text, using their fingers to enlarge or shrink and swiping to find what they need. One guarantee is that if they search on a mobile device and the site looks bad, is challenging to navigate and/or difficult to read…they’re gone.  There’s a million other sites to search and they don’t have time deal with inefficiency.


Today, your mobile website design needs to:


Present clean, appealing to the eye, easy to read menus and text;

Have helpful and relevant content that’s easy to access on a mobile device;

Be optimized for all mobile devices – no swiping, enlarging or squinting.


Content on your site is critical, but delivery of that content is as important.  Delivering your content in a professional, appealing manner on a mobile device is an absolute necessity.  After all, over 60% will soon become over 70% and maybe even 80%. With those kinds of numbers, you don’t have to be a Boy Scout to know that you need to be prepared.  Don’t let your competitors get the jump on you.  Get optimized, get found and get a sale…

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